Internal communication

There’s a misconception that internal communication is the same as that dull intranet that you say that you’ll check later, but never do. That’s too bad, because really good internal communication serves several purposes: besides keeping your coworkers up to date, it builds internal pride and creates those loyal brand ambassadors that all companies crave.

Communicate with clarity and personality

The best kind of internal communication focuses on what your employees want and need to know. But also what they care about and what gets their juices flowing. With clarity, transparency and a flair of personality your internal communication could easily transcend and be used in external channels as well. Because that’s where you’ll find your employees outside work hours, not to mention your future employees.

From staff magazines to internal events

We at Spoon have extensive experience in creating relevant, engaging internal communication for employees in all kinds of industries – all over the world. We produce staff magazines, employee films, intranet content, internal events, podcasts, newsletters, management communication and presentation material. The list goes on – as great internal communication often does.

We also develop communication concepts and toolboxes with formats for articles and films that will make it easier to get started with content production.

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Fredrik Arvidsson

Client Director

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Hanna Zakai

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