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Your website might look good and feel nice, but is it fulfilling its purpose? If not, don't worry. We can help you fine-tune and optimize it for search engines.

Data-driven and perfected for SEO

Spoon’s website search specialists are editorial experts with a focus on user-friendly and high-quality page content. With journalistic backgrounds, we understand the importance of user intent and adapting content to the target group’s needs. Our model has always been that reality beats fiction. This also applies to SEO. In the world of Google, it is called EAT – Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.

What we offer

  • Technical audits that will make it easier for search engines to rank your content.
  • Identifying relevant search words and phrases and adding them to your key pages.
  • SEO calendar and monthly checkups.
  • On-site content production and optimisations.
  • Deeper web content like guides and whitepapers.
  • Quality content and planning for CRM channels.

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Oscar Levy

Business Director