You’re holding a dinner party and tell a story to your guests. What will have the biggest impact: a true story or fiction? We at Spoon are ready to go all-in on reality being the winner. In fact, we have invested our entire business – and our customers’ – on it.

Story before format

Spoon live by the philosophy that reality trumps fiction. And the vast majority of (if not all!) companies have exciting and gripping real stories to tell. Including yours. It's just a matter of finding them and conveying them in the best way.

That’s where we come in. Storytelling is the beating heart of Spoon. Whether we write an article for internal communication or produce a business-to-business film, the story is always at the center. We can help you set-up a concept for telling your business stories and define the best formats for you: are you going to do a magazine, a TV series, a podcast or a social media campaign? With editorial methods and a journalist’s toolbox we create content that provides inspiration, tips or answers to questions your audience might have. In short, we produce the content your audience wants to consume.

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Melker Forssén

Chief Creative Director

Want to know more?


Lina Skafvenstedt

Creative Director